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February 12 2014


January 01 2013

Happy +1 Year with Club Mate from Budapest
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November 27 2012

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The monster of the hackerspace: our new desktop power drill has arrived!
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Arduino workshop 2 (Hungarian)

November 26 2012

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Arduino Mega for 3D printer control just arrived o/

November 19 2012

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Arduino workshop (Hungarian)

November 18 2012

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Using the original power supply is soooo mainstream (also, we cannot find it, and it wouldn't display power consumption anyway)
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November 06 2012

October 28 2012

H.A.C.K. is even embedded in the Uhruh temperature (thx b_jonas)
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Power drills are so versatile... (final result can be seen in dittygirl's blogpost)
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October 22 2012

Tetris theme on Floppy drives @ H.A.C.K. (DJ: misnyo)
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Library bookshelf @ H.A.C.K.

October 15 2012

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H.A.C.K. hardware workshop at Hacktivity 2012

September 24 2012

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TV-B-gone parts have finally arrived
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Brace yourselves, the TV-B-gone parts are coming o/

July 12 2012

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A hónap e-mailje
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July 02 2012

June 26 2012

challenge accepted?

June 08 2012

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Old Spice deodorant case repurposed! Ironkit remixed!
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